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How to Swap XRP for ADA

XRPswap forADA

The XRP (Ripple) for ADA (Cardano) swap process on our instant crypto exchange platform is easy and anonymous, and no personal information is required.

How to Swap XRP for ADA: A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

In this more detailed tutorial, we'll show you how to swap XRP for ADA in a few simple steps, quickly, without KYC and sign-up.

1 To start the XRP for ADA swap process, scroll to the main exchange form above and make sure that XRP is selected in the dropdown list to the right of "You send" box, and ADA is chosen in the dropdown list to the right of "You receive" box.
2 Enter the amount of Ripple (XRP) you are going to exchange into "You send" box. Wait a couple of seconds for the recalculation to complete and check the estimated amount of Cardano (ADA) in "You receive" box.
3 Enter the receiving ADA crypto wallet address and, optionally, the refund XRP wallet address. Certainly, the best way to avoid any mistakes at this step is to copy and paste the crypto address(es). If your transaction requires "" extra field on the receiving side, please fill in this field as well.
4 If all entered values are correct and valid, the color of "Exchange" button will change from grey to green. Click the button to create the XRP for ADA swap transaction. You will be redirected to the transaction page.
5 On the transaction page, copy the deposit XRP address and amount into the corresponding fields on "Send" tab/dialog box of your XRP crypto wallet, or simply scan the QR code if you are using a mobile wallet. Send the Ripple payment.
6 Track the status of your XRP for ADA swap on the transaction page. Typically, most exchanges take from 3 to 60 minutes. However, in case of a crypto network congestion, the swap process could take longer than that.
7 As soon as the swap status displays "Finished", you can check your receiving ADA wallet to make sure you have a new incoming Cardano transaction.

Why Swap XRP for ADA On An Instant Exchange?

Here are the main benefits of swapping XRP for ADA on an instant crypto exchange.

Speed icon


Typically, after you send your Ripple deposit, you get your Cardano just in a matter of minutes.

Anonymity icon

Anonymous and accountless XRP for ADA swap

You don't have to create an account or share any personal information to swap XRP for ADA on an instant crypto exchange.

No limits icon

Low minimums, no upper limits

Low minimum requirements to perform an exchange, just about 3 or 4 USD in equivalent. And there is no upper limit at all for most pairs.

Usability icon

Improved usability

Minimized number of clicks and other actions you have to take to complete your XRP for ADA swap, compared to exchanges where it is necessary to create an account, log in etc.