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How to Swap XMR to BNB in 2024

XMRswap toBNB

How to exchange Monero to Binance Coin Mainnet

The XMR to BNB (Monero to Binance Coin Mainnet) swap process on our instant crypto exchange platform in 2024 is still as easy as 1-2-3:

1 Choose the cryptocurrency pair to swap: XMR to BNB (Monero to Binance Coin Mainnet).
2 Enter the amount of XMR and the receiving BNB wallet address. Confirm the swap and proceed to the transaction page.
3 Send your XMR to the deposit address shown on the transaction page. Wait a bit for your BNB to arrive at the receiving address.

That's it! If you need more details on how to exchange Monero to Binance Coin Mainnet in 2024, please refer to our detailed guide below.

How to Swap XMR to BNB in 2024: A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

In this more detailed tutorial, we will show you how to swap XMR to BNB in 2024 via a few simple steps, quickly, without KYC and sign-up.

1 To start the XMR to BNB swap process, scroll to the main exchange form above and make sure that XMR is selected in the dropdown list to the right of "You send" box, and BNB is chosen in the dropdown list to the right of "You receive" box.
2 Input the amount of Monero (XMR) you are going to swap into "You send" box. Our system will automatically calculate the BNB equivalent of the given amount of XMR, according to the current exchange rate. Check the estimated amount of Binance Coin Mainnet (BNB) in "You receive" box.
3 Enter your BNB crypto wallet address for receiving the exchanged funds and, optionally, the refund XMR wallet address. Certainly, the best way to avoid any mistakes at this step is to copy and paste the crypto address(es). If your transaction requires "" extra field on the receiving side, please fill in this field as well.
4 If all input values are correct and valid, the color of "Exchange" button will change from grey to green. Please double-check all the details to ensure a safe and successful swap, then click the "Exchange" button to initiate your XMR to BNB swap transaction. You will be redirected to the transaction page.
5 On the transaction page, you will see the deposit XMR address and exact amount of Monero you should send to the deposit address. Now proceed to your XMR crypto wallet. If you are using a mobile wallet, you can simply scan the QR code on the transaction page on our website to obtain the deposit address. Otherwise, copy the address from the transaction page by simply clicking the address or the "Copy address" button nearby, and paste it into your XMR wallet. Enter the exact amount of Monero, which is displayed on the transaction page. For the amount, you can use copy/paste as well, just as it was with the deposit address. Please double-check the entered details in your crypto wallet and send the Monero payment.
6 After your have completed the previous step and sent your XMR payment, our system takes care of the rest. Please keep in mind that every cryptocurrency transaction needs some time to get the necessary number of blockchain confirmations. This applies both to your deposit Monero transaction and our system's Binance Coin Mainnet transaction, which is sent to your BNB wallet after the exchange. You can track the status of your Monero to Binance Coin Mainnet conversion on the transaction page. Typically, most XMR to BNB swap transactions in 2024 take from 3 to 15 minutes. However, if a crypto network, be it on the sending or the receiving side, is too busy, the swap process could take longer than the above estimate.
7 As soon as the swap status displays "Finished", you can check your receiving BNB wallet to make sure you have a new incoming Binance Coin Mainnet transaction.

Current XMR to BNB Exchange Rate

The estimated price of 1 XMR in BNB is currently 0.2779020 BNB. Please keep in mind that the final exchange rate for a specific XMR to BNB swap transaction can slightly differ from this estimate, because it depends on the input amount of XMR.

Why Swap XMR to BNB On An Instant Exchange in 2024?

Here are the main benefits of swapping XMR to BNB on an instant crypto exchange in 2024.

Speed icon


Typically, after you send your Monero deposit, you get your Binance Coin Mainnet just in a matter of minutes.

Anonymity icon

Anonymous and accountless swap

You don't have to create an account or share any personal information to swap XMR to BNB on an instant crypto exchange.

No limits icon

Low minimums, no upper limits

Low minimum requirements to perform a XMR to BNB conversion, currently 0.04228189 XMR. And there is no upper limit at all.

Usability icon

Improved usability

Minimized number of clicks and other actions you have to take to complete a crypto swap, compared to exchanges where it is necessary to create an account, log in etc.

How to Swap XMR to BNB: FAQ

Do I need to create an account to swap XMR to BNB?
No, it is not required to create an account to swap XMR to BNB on SwapNow. Our service is accountless.
What is the Monero to Binance Coin Mainnet exchange rate?
The Monero to Binance Coin Mainnet exchange rate is the amount of Binance Coin Mainnet you receive for one Monero. Currently it is 0.2779020 BNB.
What is the minimum amount of XMR I can swap to BNB?
Currently the minimum amount of XMR you can swap to BNB is 0.04228189 XMR.
What is the upper limit for a Monero to Binance Coin Mainnet swap?
There is no upper limit for this currency pair at all.
How long does it take to convert XMR to BNB?
Usually, it takes no more than 10-15 minutes to convert XMR to BNB, but the time may increase if one of the involved crypto networks is busy.
What can I do if my Monero to Binance Coin Mainnet swap transaction seems to be stuck or takes longer than expected?
You can contact us via our contact form, provide your Transaction ID which is displayed at the top of the transaction page, and ask us to check your transaction.
Can I cancel my XMR to BNB swap transaction?

There are two possible cases here.
If you have just created a Monero to Binance Coin Mainnet swap transaction, but not sent your funds to the deposit address yet, you can simply close the transaction page, there is no need to cancel the swap transaction explicitly.

However, if you have already sent your funds to the generated address, the transaction becomes irreversible, like any other crypto transaction. In this case, after the XMR to BNB swap process is completed, you will receive your Binance Coin Mainnet to the BNB address you provided.

Can I buy BNB with XMR?

Yes, this cryptocurrency pair is also available on SwapNow.