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Instantly exchange Binance Coin Mainnet to Polygon (Matic)

The BNB to MATIC (Binance Coin Mainnet to Polygon (Matic)) swap process on our instant crypto exchange platform is as easy as 1-2-3:

1 Choose the crypto pair to swap: BNB to MATIC (Binance Coin Mainnet to Polygon (Matic)).
2 Enter the amount of BNB and the receiving MATIC wallet address. Confirm the swap and proceed to the transaction page.
3 Send your BNB to the deposit address shown on the transaction page. Wait a bit for your MATIC to arrive at the receiving address.

That's it! If you need more details, in our article below we have covered various aspects of swapping BNB to MATIC, as well some information about both cryptocurrencies and a more detailed step-by-step guide.

Why Swap BNB to MATIC On An Instant Exchange?

Using an instant crypto exchange to swap BNB to MATIC has several benefits. The most important of them are listed below.

Speed icon


Typically, after you send your Binance Coin Mainnet deposit, you get your Polygon (Matic) just in a matter of minutes.

Anonymity icon

Anonymous and accountless swap

You don't have to create an account or share any personal information to swap BNB to MATIC on an instant crypto exchange.

No limits icon

Low minimums, no upper limits

Low minimum requirements to exchange BNB to MATIC, currently 0.01750072 BNB. And there is no upper limit at all.

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Improved usability

Minimized number of clicks and other actions needed to complete your crypto swap, compared to exchanges where it is mandatory to create an account, provide personal information, log in every time etc.

BNB and MATIC: Common Benefits

Cryptocurrency is a modern type of digital money which is made using mathematical operations and encryption. There is plenty of such currencies in the world and new ones appear every day. Binance Coin Mainnet and Polygon (Matic), among many others, are cryptocurrencies that are in stable demand nowadays.

As most other cryptocurrencies, both BNB and MATIC have the following common benefits:

  • Fast and low-cost transfers and payments
  • A certain level of anonymity
  • An opportunity to make money trading BNB/MATIC cryptocurrency pair or swapping Binance Coin Mainnet to Polygon (Matic)
  • Long-term investment opportunities, known in the crypto world as "HODLing"

Compare BNB to MATIC

The necessity to compare Binance Coin Mainnet to Polygon (Matic) before swapping and the advised level of analysis depth depend on the primary purpose of your intended BNB to MATIC swap and the amount you are planning to exchange.

If you are going to convert a certain amount of your BNB to MATIC just because you need some Polygon (Matic) for your further operations, or the amount of your swap transaction is relatively small, you probably don't need to perform any analysis or BNB to MATIC comparison before proceeding with your Binance Coin Mainnet to Polygon (Matic) swap.

If your primary intent of swapping BNB to MATIC is to make money out of short-term BNB/MATIC pair price movement, you may wish to perform technical analysis of the pair, i. e. scrutinize short-term price charts, find out whether there is a clear trend or not, examine technical indicators, current price momentum, compare Binance Coin Mainnet and Polygon (Matic) daily trading volumes and possibly some additional factors to make the right decision.

If the primary aim of your swap is a long-term investment and the amount you are planning to invest is significant, you may wish to perform in-depth fundamental analysis of both involved cryptocurrencies:

  • Compare fundamental metrics of BNB and MATIC, such as market capitalization, total supply, maximum supply and circulating supply.
  • Learn about both projects' history, their purpose, the teams behind Binance Coin Mainnet and Polygon (Matic).
  • Perform technical analysis on long-term price charts for BNB/MATIC and probably some related cryptocurrency pairs as well.

Current BNB to MATIC Exchange Rate

The price of 1 BNB in MATIC is currently 808.3937477 MATIC. Please keep in mind that the final exchange rate for a specific BNB to MATIC swap transaction can slightly differ from this value, because it depends on the input amount of BNB.

How to Swap BNB to MATIC: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this more detailed tutorial, we will show you how to swap BNB to MATIC in a few simple steps, quickly, without KYC and sign-up.

1 To start the BNB to MATIC swap process, scroll to the main exchange form above and make sure that BNB is selected in the dropdown list to the right of "You send" box, and MATIC is chosen in the dropdown list to the right of "You receive" box.
2 Enter the amount of Binance Coin Mainnet (BNB) you are going to exchange into "You send" box. Wait a couple of seconds for the recalculation to complete and check the estimated amount of Polygon (Matic) (MATIC) in "You receive" box.
3 Enter the receiving MATIC crypto wallet address and, optionally, the refund BNB wallet address. Certainly, the best way to avoid any mistakes at this step is to copy and paste the crypto address(es). If your transaction requires "" extra field on the receiving side, please fill in this field as well.
4 If all entered values are correct and valid, the color of "Exchange" button will change from grey to green. Click the button to create the BNB to MATIC swap transaction. You will be redirected to the transaction page.
5 On the transaction page, copy the deposit BNB address and amount into the corresponding fields on "Send" tab/dialog box of your BNB crypto wallet, or simply scan the QR code if you are using a mobile wallet. Send the Binance Coin Mainnet payment.
6 Track the status of your BNB to MATIC swap on the transaction page. Typically, most exchanges take from 3 to 60 minutes. However, in case of a crypto network congestion, the exchange process could take longer than that.
7 As soon as the swap status displays "Finished", you can check your receiving MATIC wallet to make sure you have a new incoming Polygon (Matic) transaction.

Swap BNB to MATIC at the Best Exchange Rate

When you swap BNB to MATIC on our platform, you can be sure you get the best available exchange rate. After you choose the cryptocurrencies to exchange and enter the amount, our system retrieves rates from several crypto liquidity providers and selects the best exchange rate for you automatically.


Do I need to create an account to swap Binance Coin Mainnet to Polygon (Matic)?
No, it is not needed to create an account to swap Binance Coin Mainnet to Polygon (Matic) on SwapNow. Our service is accountless.
What is the BNB to MATIC exchange rate?
The BNB to MATIC exchange rate is the amount of Polygon (Matic) you get for one Binance Coin Mainnet. Currently it is 808.3937477 MATIC.
What affects the Binance Coin Mainnet to Polygon (Matic) exchange rate?
The Binance Coin Mainnet to Polygon (Matic) exchange rate is affected by many factors, the most important ones being supply and demand, investor sentiment, media influence (including social media), availability on crypto exchanges, technical factors (i. e. trading signals related to technical analysis), and regulatory actions.
What are the limits for swapping Binance Coin Mainnet to Polygon (Matic)?
The minimum amount to swap Binance Coin Mainnet to Polygon (Matic) is 0.01750072 BNB. And there is no upper limit for this exchange pair at all.
Are BNB to MATIC swap transactions private?
Yes, they are private. It is not required to give away any personal data to make a Binance Coin Mainnet to Polygon (Matic) swap on SwapNow.
Can I swap MATIC to BNB?

Yes, this cryptocurrency pair is available on SwapNow as well.


We sincerely hope that information provided in this article can help you analyze all pros and cons and make a thoughtful decision regarding your planned BNB to MATIC swap.